Green Technology Systems and Solutions

  • Modular Gas to  Liquid Conversion
  • Modular Biogas Conversion
  • Gas to Liquid fuel value Chain

CREOE’s  Core Driver is to lower GHG emission , provide viable  and sustainable green solutions to our clients

The Net value to the client is lowering of their carbon footprint, revenue form their waste , increasing efficiencies and production ,identifying sustainable renevue

We provide the complete value chain for our propose solutions-till the offtake

CREOE’s Solutions Lowers Carbon Footprint 

  • Optimization increases throughput – more is produced for the same amount of energy –lower CO2 Emission
  • Increase efficiency—Less Energy utilized
  • Lessen catalytic change over — Less waste and recycling
  • Upstream Optimization-Increase production –lessen need for new offshore and offshore development –saves the environment
  • Carbon Capture Storage—Solutions for GHG Emission
  • Biogas and Methane conversion provides alternative sustainable Low carbon impact fuel
  • Our pathways benefits the client and the environment , million of tons of CO2 emission can to reduced by having higher efficiency